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Beeunique Website Update

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on changing our website - we've now updated it all and it looks much better, although as I am biased any feedback would be appreciated.

GALLERY- We have a new batch of photos to add to the Gallery and that will take our total to over 1000 Special Effects and Manic Panic Photos. We are always looking for more pics so feel free to send us any you would like added to the Gallery. You can send links via the add-photo page on the website, post them here or email us the link to your photo

SALE- More items have been added to our £1 and Under Sale section - all items are limited stock so grab them while you can.

COMPETITION- We have a new competition on the website - no purchase necessary and you can win an assortment of aroma items.

HAIR DYES - We are still selling Special Effects and Manic Panic Hair Dyes but have now added a range of bowls, brushes and bleach to the website with at least one more brand of Hair Dye being added in the near future.

x-posted hair journals
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