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Whitby Gothic Weekend Lolita Meetup!

Yet again another Whitby Gothic Weekend is rolling around (April!) so i'm just putting up the details for the Lolita Picnic, which will be incorporating a lolita photo shoot, details TBC which will be submitted to the new English language version of the gothic lolita bible (i'll also be contacting Kera as they are usually at the weekend)

Sunday 27th April 2008 at 12pm on the lawns of Panett Park Park museum (just out front and to the left, you won't miss us!)

feel free to bring flasks of tea and picernik baskets (cakes esp welcome, lol) and your camera as i know we all love to get photos of our selves in our finest so we'll all be taking pics of each other :)

I'll be posting this on a few of the forums so please bear with me (sorry muchly for the spam)


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